Ashley, the scientist

I am a graduate student in applied entomology with 5+ years of research experience in greenhouse integrated pest management.

As a natural problem-solver, I am most drawn to applied science. I got my first research job when I was in my undergrad in a plant ecology lab studying the impact of no-till agriculture on weed emergence. I’ve been hooked on applied science ever since!

What I’m best at

  • Distilling ideas into their essential components which allows me to create experiments that efficiently deliver goal-oriented results.
  • Methodically planning and executing tasks which ensures that I meet targets in a timely and scientifically sound manner
  • Quickly assessing unforeseen complications and creating solutions which enables me to take action to preserve the integrity of experiments or maximize utility of data

Career Highlights

  • Currently enrolled as a Masters student at the University of Guelph.
  • Senior research technician in the biocontrol lab at Vineland Research & Innovation Centre for over 5 years
    • Read more about the projects I’ve worked on below
  • Interned as a resource conservation technician at Thousand Islands National park where I was involved in grey rat snake monitoring and developed a management strategy for invasive plant species
  • Honours B.Sc. Zoology from the University of Western Ontario

Projects at Vineland

Projects I have been involved in as a research technician at Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

Science communication

I also like to do graphic design as a hobby, which comes in pretty handy when trying to develop science communication materials.

Sarah Jandricic and I recently created this grower-friendly identification guide to thrips species commonly found in Ontario greenhouses:

Click on the thrips to go to the key

See more of my design work

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